#cleveland steamer

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When one sticks one's dick in a block of ice then jacks off
Bro I can't believe Justin gave himself a Junior Frosty. That shit must have hurt.
by EerieEagle October 10, 2017

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When the guy inserts a battered sausage up the girls anus the shits it into his mouth and eats it.
Yo bitch I’m gon give you a Raffo Special
by Clevelandlover123456789 January 06, 2018

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A cleveland sauna (much like the cleveland steamer) is a way to get revenge or end a relationship. The cleveland sauna involves shitting in a bed next to the victim. Then the covers are pulled over the person (and the shit). As you head towards the exit, you need to crank up the room temperature. This will give off the sauna effect when left a whole night.

Side note: The victim needs to be shitfaced in order to pull of the cleveland sauna.
Rodney was being an ass after the bar crawl last night, so I left him a cleveland sauna.
by The.McShnibbler October 05, 2017

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Basically a Cleveland Steamer of puke projected into the middle of a bed right on the sheets.
Bro did you see that Amherst Steamer Kimmy left in Jakes bed
by Dr Garrison November 08, 2018

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Under the influence of Weed Lean
Chris: “Damn, Anthony was perpalated last night off the weed lean”
by Perpalater July 17, 2018

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1. verb. To shit on a dwarf (aka little person), usually as a sexual act (similar to a Cleveland Steamer, only with a little person).
2. noun. A tiny circular turd left behind by a dwarf (little person), rumored in some cultures to possess magical powers.
1. The midgets were offended when he asked if they'd participate in a dwarf dump orgy.
2. Johnny found a dwarf dump in the backyard this morning, it must be his lucky day.
via giphy
by malwarejake May 31, 2017

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When a man takes a shit on a womans chest and cums on top of it.
I had the urge to frost up that Cleveland Steamer on Susan last night and gave her a fresh Snowy Mountian.
by onehundredpickles November 14, 2016

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