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A female vagina unable to self-lubricate naturally.
Mary has a dry clam. There's no smackin that till you get the KY jelly.
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by Ben Dribblin March 10, 2017

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When several guys blow there load into the same vagina
Paul and Chris where clam basting the boss so bad it was running down her leg at the 630 meeting.
by Clamer July 26, 2016

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The oragsmic juice from a woman's vagina that collects on your balls.
PK- Man my balls are itchy as hell
CG- Mine are never itchy my girls clam lotion keeps mine soft as a babies ass. You must be doing the boss again!
by Clamer July 21, 2016

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When a woman is screwed so hard and so much it results in clam scabs.
Paul was banging his boss so hard and so often she was complaining about having clam scabs to her coworkers!
by Clamer August 18, 2016

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