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Urban Dictionary can't define Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris defines Urban Dictionary.
Chuck Norris killed two stones with only one bird.
by Noam The CS Teacher November 15, 2017

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a pseudonym for Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris uses the pseudonym Justin when he fucks shit up.
by Rod Ramathorn May 08, 2018

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A sexy man with a full head of natural flaming hair that is a total beast in all possible ways. All of the girls love him, but he is still single because in a life like his, it's dangerous to have loved ones. He is very mysterious and doesn't talk much, but when he does it's like an angel out of heaven. He's basically the new Chuck Norris.
guy 1: Hey man, did you just see that guy with flaming hair do a kick-a flip over there?
guy 2: Oh yeah, that must be Blake Ryan look how many girls are crowding him.
by babemaster2000 February 01, 2018

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