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The cool word that all the hip kids are using to shorten "cancer."
Hey, dawg, my momz has the cance. This bites!
by KylePooder March 05, 2017

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a smelly fucking bald cunt he smells like fucking catpiss and cigarettes he cant teach himself how to wank not to mention how to teach a class of teenagers how to wank over a maths book
" shut up malachy i am mr brophy do you not understand"
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by esketittittymilk April 21, 2018

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The cancer of the earth. Uses words like booky, fam, bruv, cuz, safe, etc. Common places you may see them-outside your local maccys playing drum and bass pissing everyone off, in the middle of the high street swearing infront of children, undee bridges smoking weed. Things they may wear - anything- like it changes all the time, you never know who they are by what they wear, just what they say, do, and behave. The most common activity for these cancerous beings are "pulling sick wheelies" down the street, they often do this in the middle of the road or towards the traffic because they are "well 'ard fam".
Chavs should be exterminated from this world
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by AnnonVigilante January 13, 2017

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A normie but overuses boneless (or ­čů▒´ŞĆoneless) pizza memes. Look up cancer while your at it.
Normie: Can I get a BONELESS Pizza.

Me: Get out of my house (you boneless normie scum)
by Normie/Thot Hunter November 04, 2017

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a piece of cancer who plays minecraft with ssundee and has no life
SSundee: whats going on guys?
SSundee: ugh, you are so mrcrainer
by wensiwen March 03, 2017

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Fidget Spinners
do you like my autism? I ordered it yesterday on Amazon.
by dr big coick June 07, 2017

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When you have cancer in your asshole and shove a light bulb up there to rid yourself of the cancer.
Yo Steve is so fuckin stupid he decided to shklerblopple himself last night.
Steve is dead.
by KiidBro November 17, 2016

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