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A cancerous game for pc,xbox one, and ps4 that people play because they have no common knowledge of anything else and half of the people that play the game are no life peices of shit that have nothing better to do besides sit inside all day and play this cancerous game.
by Imgoingtokms May 24, 2018

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A cancer
I'm sorry to have to tell you this ... you have Windows 10.
by CancerOS November 03, 2016

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a smelly fucking bald cunt he smells like fucking catpiss and cigarettes he cant teach himself how to wank not to mention how to teach a class of teenagers how to wank over a maths book
" shut up malachy i am mr brophy do you not understand"
via giphy
by esketittittymilk April 21, 2018

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A normie but overuses boneless (or ­čů▒´ŞĆoneless) pizza memes. Look up cancer while your at it.
Normie: Can I get a BONELESS Pizza.

Me: Get out of my house (you boneless normie scum)
by Normie/Thot Hunter November 04, 2017

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One of the most cancerous shows ever, by Cartoon Network in the effort to replace Regular show
Clarence, paired with Uncle Grandpa, Unikitty, etc will be the bane of Cartoon Network's existence.
by Not Bill from ft worth June 27, 2018

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when you are bronze v and you are yas main
when you are trash and you trashtalks
fuck everyone
19/1/9-fuck adc-toxic
2/6/27-fuck support-toxic
10/0/15-fuck jungle-toxic
2/16/1-you good top lane
by kazuma sato February 17, 2018

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