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overused emoticon often seen in MMO chats
A: (ironically) "I'm gay"

B (normie): ok XD
A: *long internal sigh*
by Alotíl August 23, 2017

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when you are bronze v and you are yas main
when you are trash and you trashtalks
fuck everyone
19/1/9-fuck adc-toxic
2/6/27-fuck support-toxic
10/0/15-fuck jungle-toxic
2/16/1-you good top lane
by kazuma sato February 17, 2018

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a piece of cancer who plays minecraft with ssundee and has no life
SSundee: whats going on guys?
SSundee: ugh, you are so mrcrainer
by wensiwen March 03, 2017

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another stupid keyboard pattern
by big daddy222 May 20, 2018

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a smelly fucking bald cunt he smells like fucking catpiss and cigarettes he cant teach himself how to wank not to mention how to teach a class of teenagers how to wank over a maths book
" shut up malachy i am mr brophy do you not understand"
via giphy
by esketittittymilk April 21, 2018

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A normie but overuses boneless (or 🅱️oneless) pizza memes. Look up cancer while your at it.
Normie: Can I get a BONELESS Pizza.

Me: Get out of my house (you boneless normie scum)
by Normie/Thot Hunter November 04, 2017

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To induce cancer in someone
That EU flash just cancered me!!!
by matèeeeee September 11, 2016

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