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A dumb brown bitch. She always wants attention and literally flirts with everyone. Some people think she's pretty but they haven't seen her when she's mad. Sanniya is very rude and annoying. Not a great person to be friends with.
That sanniya girl, she's annoying!
by Brown Girl 101 December 26, 2016

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She can be a brat sometimes.Everybody seems to like her.Emmas are usually short
#emma is such a show off

#Omg I almost ran over Emma cuz she’s so short
by Hbcvhvvbvv February 06, 2018

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Eileen Rodriguez
Eileen is a brat
by jsayit September 17, 2018

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a salty pepper
everyone with common sense: piper is a brat
by fernangettingthatdough December 21, 2018

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