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A New York word typically used in Brooklyn that means blood
Woo the flex !
by Hals December 04, 2016

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A blood type that can take blood from all types, but can only give blood to it's type.
1-Did you know Kanye West's blood type was AB+?
2-Just like his personality.
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by aTurkishGuy January 24, 2018

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when you’re horny
Tom- That girl makes my blood run hot .
Daniel- Mine too!
by Ellie Nolans worst enemy xx February 26, 2018

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US slang. a member of a violent group of young men, especially ones who use guns and commit crimes. A gangbanger is a high class gangster who reps blood gang and throws up 'ck' known as crip killer some people like to say wow he is a crip killer and he just blood walked over that lil fo... people usaully call gangbangers drake keetons because drake keeton is a gang banger and a big time blood thats finna slap a crip.
hes a true gangbanger for hitting that crip
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by octodog01234 February 19, 2019

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