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when people hurt you and disrespect you, act like your nothing and trample you. They hurt you and treat you like a dog and sometimes the can hurt you physically and emotionally so i decided that i dont want that anymore and i am going to drink bleach and end my suffering
as i drank the cup of bleach i feel the poison and i finally kill myself.
by idontwant100 March 19, 2017

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A nutritional delight. It's a drink that people have been drinking for its great taste for years! No one who has drunk it has stated that it wasn't good because they were seemingly killed. But not only is it healthy, it's also great medicine for curing depression. Screw buying some expensive shitty anti-depressant when you could buy Clorox Bleach for only $4.99! Overall a great remedy.
"Man, I'm thirsty." "Here you go, have some bleach." "You sure this is healthy?" "Yeah dude just keep drinking it, almo- OH SHIT WE NEED A DOCTOR HE'S HAVING A SEIZURE!"
by Yyyyjxtbc November 06, 2017

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A substance that you usually drink.
Me - Pass me my bleach
by HP_TWD_GRYFFINDOR May 22, 2018

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A term widely known to all athletes. Failure to the degree that one would rather cause harm to themselves than to bear the embarrassment. Goes best with a cold glass of Bleach or a taunt rope.
Jaison Heard really messed that inning up, looks like he is on suicide watch again tonight.
by humandictionary37 June 03, 2017

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Drink bleach and die bitch
This mother fucker just cut me off, "DBADB"!!!
by Robo fag The 3rd July 10, 2016

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A chemical used to lighten or whiten hair .
" bleached hair hey Becky I love that hair color did you bleach your hair "
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by DeeAshantï June 20, 2017

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Some insult used by fucking retarded jews in order to look edgy while in reality, they are just being autistic.
(Person: 1) I dislike (Insert media here)
(Person:1) FUCK ME!
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by Some Fucking Nigger November 21, 2017

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