#black lives matter

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Guy who is in tune with social climate (typically leans left) and uses it as a point of conversation when trying to pick up girls.
Can become a bad thing when all that he is is a woke.
Akin to fuck boy.
Girl: Gotta get me a woke boy. I'm tired of arguing why BlackLivesMatter is a legit cause.

Woke Boy: I don't understand how Trump is still president! He's disgusting and inexperienced.
Other guy: dude why is everything a fight with you? I just asked if you know what time it is.
by Sillyjem June 22, 2017

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A movement started around 2014 considering the fact that black lives do, indeed, matter. Not a racist movement as many have proposed. It merely highlights the fact that black lives are discriminated against more so than any other lives, but it does not attempt to harm those other lives by virtue of itself. It does not claim superiority of race in traditional terms; rather, it is a movement for blacks, by blacks that considers the fact that as a group, blacks are appreciated less.

This does not mean that they consider other races beneath them, or unworthy of their attention. It means that they want to highlight the injustice of black lives not having as much consideration or 'love' as other races, even Asian (including Indian and others) or Mexican lives. It is not an attempt to compare races. It is a black positivity movement if anything else.
Girl 1: Ugh, I can't believe Black Lives Matter is at it again.
Girl 2: They're just trying to highlight their race, by their race. They're not trying to compare anyone.
Girl 1: Then why won't they allow anyone else in their hashtag?
Girl 2: Because it's a black positivity movement. It's for black people only. What part of that don't you understand?
Girl 1: I don't understand how I as a white girl can't post in there because I totally support them!
Girl 2: Well, posting in there would be racist considering the fact that you'd be calling attention to your race when it already has so much attention already. The blacks don't get that kind of attention so you'd just be interrupting it.
by It'sme33 July 21, 2016

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