a stupid bitch
This girl is such a philome.
by poloboichris October 07, 2017

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Somebody whi is disrespectful, ignorant and cocky, usually good at sport and is competitive most of the time, but can be arrogant.
Daymn, he's fast, he must be a lirak!

Yep he just called that guy a slow wanka, he's a lirak.
by Thank God for Atheists August 06, 2016

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Tarnim is a Bitch
she is the worst person you probably ever meet but she will also most likely be your best friend you like her at all because you will love her as a sister and if your a guy as more.
person: Hey tarnim you bitch why would you tell him that I like him.
tarnim:Because you wouldnt
person:I fucking hate you

tarnim:you want to know what he said dont you

Tarnim:he said he likes you to
Person:That why your my best friend but i still hate you right now
Tarnim: I hate you too bitch
by JAFH!131415 May 17, 2018

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When having a bitch like attention and acting like you're the queen of everything
Caro-damn don't tell me what the fuck to do I own u

Kevin-damn she is sausey
by Real dick slayer July 14, 2017

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Bitch that just so happens shared my math class.

Ugly ass bitch who pretends she has friends but no one really likes her because she is too pretty and nice.

Someone that you think is worth wasting air untill you meet her then you want to strap a plant to her so she doesn't take your air supply. Basic white trash female that likes to make more friends that she can keep.
That bitch carissa is going to school In Harrison county now.
I fucking hate that bitch.
by Somegirllmao March 23, 2017

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a dumbass retard who read a lot and doesn't like to smile likes to mess with Tyler and hates christian Landers
that reader josh abrigo
by chri jhyfubjygdf May 07, 2018

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