A latently homosexual novosapein whose daily diet consist of cheese, sausages and rick rolls
"You are such an Enes" said the D&D grandmaster to one of his apprentices, as he struggled to use the English Language as a normal human being.
by inigro February 25, 2017

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He will want you to get online and then he’ll be a big bitch and get mad and leave for no reason
Wow that guy is a real Richard
by Prickly boi October 11, 2018

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An autistic way to say the word "Bitch*
Kyle thought his friend Pat was being a real binch.

That lady was being a huge binch
by Kyle the Bossman June 11, 2018

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biggest buttmunch ive seen in my entire life. hes got an extremely small penis
joel the little bitch
joel has a little dick
by woody kkw May 28, 2018

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A absolute fucking bitch who has no friends and a crusty hairline
Dang that man is such a Hyoseon
by Hyoseon11 January 12, 2018

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A bitch
Breey is a bitch
by LingoSwingo December 14, 2017

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She is intelligent and usually blonde with a filthy mind and unusual humour. She is a complete sassy bitch and she knows it.
Ugh...that girl is such a Georgie
by I_D_E_F_K October 15, 2017

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