(noun) ghost-ing
The act of cutting off communication with friends/family or a love interest in a way that makes you a total bitch. Ghosting often happens online and involves ignoring messages, not responding to invites and making everyone hate you while complaining about how everyone hates you.

Also see ‘how to lose all your friends’
If you’re ghosting me don’t complain about being left out. Don’t be a cunt.
by uisacoldfacedbitch March 06, 2018

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someone who can be a complete bitch but is literally a gem and is honest through it all
Wow thats definitely a tileah
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by fake bitch 101 March 11, 2018

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A little bitch who can't hold his liquor or pot
Man stop bitching, you're being a total meyer.
by anon18098 August 28, 2017

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Someone who is self-centered and gives no fucks about their friends. A fat, Mexican retard who can't spell for shit. Etc.
Me: "Do you know Lily?"
Everyone Else: *Cringes* "Oh, that bitch."
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by Fat.Retard September 05, 2017

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A typical dumb bitch who thinks she's tough
OMG that bitch thinks she's an Ashleigh
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by punkin-chunkin July 18, 2016

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Snake bitch
by MR pakj3q1 s November 09, 2017

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Another word for Bitch but more censored. Also known as a brand of pen.

Copyrighted by Lyrikin

2. "Don't be such a Bic"

3. ".....Bic"
by Kyrkin November 19, 2017

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