#big cock

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A big dick nigga that pulls all the hoes.
Ronald got a big suck I'll suck it.
by Mr.Anymonus March 13, 2017

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The rea big dick nick is a cool strong hot muscular not so smart kid in high school that doesn't have a girl but little do the ladies know there's a snake in his pants and keep doubting him but he probably has the top 10 biggest cocks in the state
The real big dick nick fucked your bitch and she started crying cause of the hugeness of his cock
by Nick With The Big Dick1 July 15, 2017

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Daredevil,smart and crazy,often with a very large penis,and will fuck your auntie.
A very crazy and wild person and loves hotrod
by Hbettleu January 16, 2017

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Sexy ass beast with a big black cock he can steal your bitch and fuck your mom a lot of people with say that he has a big black oscar Meyer.
"I want to get hit with Armale's big black oscar Meyer".
by Big dick Rex95 May 25, 2017

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