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She will bless your life in so many ways. If you date a Zainab, it will be the most amazing choice you will have ever made. If you fall in love with a Zainab, go for it and make her your woman...you may not ever find someone like her. Her smile is to die for💖💖💖Zainabs also come with big bootys
Wow.... I need a Zainab in my life
by heythere8283 June 01, 2018

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An amazing sweet smart guy who has a bug personality he has long brown hair and big brown eyes. His kisses are the best too
Omg he is so a logan
by Audrey toth:) February 19, 2018

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Someone you liked at the beginning of Grade 7 and now is your Honey Moochcums
She is my Honey Moochcums
by Keegan price October 03, 2017

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She's a lady with a big ass, caring, very helpfull , guys would die for her.
Lasondra is a very caring lady
by Toño May 20, 2017

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Amazing person to ever meet. Shes so beautiful and precious.If you ever meet one you need to grab her and keep her safe from any danger .
daniel: have you met remmy?
james: no, not yet.
daniel: keep your hands of her.
by mine foreverrrrrr May 13, 2018

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