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A shy and quiet girl that catches your eye the moment you see her. She may be quiet but in her mind there's a million things going through her head, she likes to keep her emotions to herself. When she becomes comfortable around you she is the most outgoing and fun person to be around. There's not many girls like her as she is special and unique. In short words alone are not enough to describe Stepheny.
He's lucky! Stepheny is beautiful and quiet.
by AlphaKing March 14, 2017
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An ex-best friend is someone who you used to talk to about anything and everything . she or he would always make you smile. you would laugh together, dance together, maybe even cry together. but one day either you or your best friend made a mistake that hurt each other. now your best friend isn't your best friend anymore. An ex-best friend will probably stop talking to you, even though both of you want to heal your relationship. you will look at old photos of good times and that will make you smile but then sadness washes over you because you lost them. if you have an ex-best friend, you should talk to them and maybe you will become friends again. true friends are rare, don't cry over the loss until you have tried your hardest to fix your relationship.
i really want my ex-best friend to become my best friend again
by smileysadju March 18, 2017
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Issy is a sister best friend that is willing to help when she sees someone who needs it also her friends love her and love being around her because she is sweet and careful
Issy helps a lot of people
by Shkamuel July 22, 2017
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Best friend ever she will always have your back may have arguments but eventually we get over it ill always love my boo thang she is a one of a kind there isn't anyone like her
There goes krisanna she is a one of a kind
by Benten07 March 02, 2017
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A beautiful young lady that does good in school. Many people would kill to be her friend. She cracks really funny jokes. She has blackish brown hair that is very hard to handle. When she is bestfriends with someone she will love them for eternity. When she has an enemy she will try her hardest to be just friends
Rosjai (rijay) is sooooo nice
by Ndjndjenjdnjenjdnjdnjdn February 16, 2018
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He is the most kindest person ever. He gives good hug that are warm.He is always there for you even if he’s kinda iffy about you.He will never turn his back on you.He is the best person to make friends with.He takes care of you and makes sure that you are ok. He always wants the best for you. Super funny and nice good looking guy. You’ll love him so much. He has you safe when there’s a difficulty situation going on and he’s just the perfect guy.
Aww my best friend Joseph let me stay at his house. My best friend is loving to me.
by ❤️💜💙💯👌🏼 October 22, 2017
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It's a book that someone makes and gives to their best friend. This book is made up of everything that their best friend loves! Whoever this book is given to must keep I forever.
My best friend made me a best friend book! I LOVE IT!
by Enimsaj May 16, 2017
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