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Brielle is a sweet and caring person. She loves being around people and that's why she has SO MANY FRIENDS. She loves to hang out, laugh with people and make a bunch of inside jokes together. Brielle is also very pretty,loves to get attention and is down to do whatever with you. She doesn't like to flex on people because she has really old stuff and shops at Goodwill. If you meet a Brielle you should be friends with her because she is so fun to be around.
Guy: hey do you know that girl
girl: yeah her name is Brielle and she is awesome
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by the_blob57 January 29, 2019

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Matt is simple and kind, never pushy he is smart but sometimes it takes him a while to realize what he is missing out on. Always tries to be honest with his feelings Matt is far from perfect and learning and trying to do his best a Matt could be the best friends you have been missing. He is forgetful but only dumb unimportant things but if it is important he will never forget. He is not one to start an argument be when he screws up he will become embarrassed and defensive. Matt can get overly excited sometimes but if he didn't then you could pretty much be sure he didn't care. He always wants to enjoy life and the little things that can be the most important.
Matt could be the best friends you have been missing go and find yourself a Matt today.
by sImPIEman March 14, 2018

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Is a goofy, caring friend who will always be their for you in tough times through thick and thin she is by far the greatest friend you could have. You should cherish her as your friend and she is a beautiful person to be around .
know one can compare to ky'aziah .

I wish i was as good as ky'aziah.
by ky'aziah December 25, 2016

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The most supportive friend you'll ever meet, always there for you, always got your back.
Ethan is the best friend I've ever had
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by _THE_FAN_GIRL_ June 12, 2018

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beffa is your close best friend you want to date now
Britney is my beffa
by Zach bryan February 18, 2018

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