#best friend

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A shy and quiet girl that catches your eye the moment you see her. She may be quiet but in her mind there's a million things going through her head, she likes to keep her emotions to herself. When she becomes comfortable around you she is the most outgoing and fun person to be around. There's not many girls like her as she is special and unique. In short words alone are not enough to describe Stepheny.
He's lucky! Stepheny is beautiful and quiet.
by AlphaKing March 14, 2017

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Ensley is that one person that will make you feel special even if you are just one in the crowd. She is able to make you smile in any situation just by smiling. She will be your best friend she might make fun of because of who you like but she will always be there for you through thick and thin. She is the best person to be around. When she is at school she is the calmest person there but at home she's a psychopath. You could be her complete opposite but she will still be your best friend for life
Ensley will always be my best friend.
by Thegirlaudrey September 27, 2017

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A great person thats nice,sweet,cute,and bestfriend. she have a kind heart with everyone,she has alot of friends that can help her with something but no one can replace her bestfriend thats a fact. Her smile shines, her kindness sweeter, just being her is great.
95% hope shes Okay

5% how dare you leave me alone diana
by Ashdep May 16, 2018

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Mailis is the typical best friend in Hollywood Movies; she’s gorgeous, smart, always has your back and has the best advice, even for the worst situation you’re stuck in. It’s simply the definition of the perfect best friends everyone dreams of.
She’s my best friend. She’s a real Mailis!
by Hot Llama July 24, 2018

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Yow yow is your best friend who you love. You sometimes hate her just a lil but you know that she will always be there for you.
Often used in possession; I miss my yow yow
by Giji mink April 18, 2017

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your such a fucking hoe, i love it 🍑❤️ jk love you load bitch
Jim:whose that how over ther
Billy:it must be a lily
by Charlotte E November 06, 2018

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The definition of Vro is (very rarely only). Keep your Vro close cause they are one of a kind. They are someone that you can tell anything to and they will always have your back. They are basically like your best friend but you guys extend beyond the best friend point, so always no matter what trust your vro. Be careful though because when you get a vro you will be tempeted to fall in love with them.
Vro what’s up
What you doing Vro
I love you Vro
by K217 March 19, 2019

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