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The Coach Rob is a person who is clueless how to manage a youth baseball team. A person who can not even pitch batting practice because he throws like a sped.
Poor Nolan was in a homerun contest and they sent coach rob out there to pitch. Hit that fucking kid 5 times.
by Baseball dog January 04, 2019

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Baseball term that indicates that the player is batting for an average between .100 and .200. The term comes from the "1" at the start of the batting average looking like the "I" designation for the US interstate system and the other numbers relating to a specific interstate.
"How is player X doing this year?"
"Terrible, he's riding on the interstate, cruising down I-80."
by M Began June 07, 2019

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a more casual and slang version for a home run in baseball
how'd you do in your game last night
i went 2-4 with a dinger
by crastphor July 08, 2017

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When a baseball player wants to tell their teammate to keep the ball
"John, EAT IT"
via giphy
by old_yellow May 25, 2019

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