#baby daddy

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a boy a girl becomes attached to and internally wishes would knock her up while subtly bringing him and his hoes into convo as much as possible with raging jealousy

how these girls feel: “i will b his forever girl”
Cristan is jojos paul.
by sillygirl November 04, 2018

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you marry into a really good looking family and your brother in law is attractive but you dont want to be with him at all

You can use about a guy you think is really attractive but you dont want to be with him
"I love this dude as a person so much, he my baby uncle! I could never be with him tho"
by Genius mastermind August 09, 2017

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Biddy from the abbreveation B.D. for the word Babby Daddy.
Most likely only used on the East Coast of the US. Origins from MA,NH,NY
A term used for endearment or affection.

Most likely used in the late 90s early 2000s by urban youth.
Thats my biddy over there
Mmm look at him he biddy material
by FTMTBEAR December 02, 2018

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Tshano Young😩 a fine ass mans
Hoe: so who finna be ya future baby daddy
Me: tshano sksksksk
by PASTYBIH May 18, 2018

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