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the act when a girlfriend steals her boyfriends sweatshirt
“hey baby it’s cold take my sweatshirt”-boyfriend “i sure do love sweatshirt season”-girlfriend
by christmastreee December 01, 2017

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A big guy with a big dick who fucked ur mom
Robeezy fucked Shy'asia last night
by I heard u putting March 17, 2017

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Waiting for my baby
I might pull up late, im wfmb
by NappyheadDae November 28, 2016

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cute little "mexican" boy you will love forver
pedro algarin
by jualiajdak January 21, 2018

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An eighth of weed. Cost between $20 and $70 depending on what type of gas it is. Is a half of a Baby (also known as a vick or a 1/4)
Woe dummy how much ya half babies is?

Can you do a half baby for the $20 please bro ?
by LorDummyFromDaVil May 28, 2019

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Fat and ginger
Peter is sexy
by Bigdaddkenna October 21, 2018

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Booboi is a word used in replacement of “baby” it’s often used between 2 white peoples trying to be sassy.
White woman named Marnie says to friend Ben “hey booboi you look on fleek” Ben replies “stop trying to make booboi a thing”
by That’s a shelf June 23, 2018

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