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An informal spelling, or slang for Australia
American: Hey, Jerry, isn't that guy over there an Australian?
German: Ja, he's from der Aussieland
by M0nty June 24, 2016

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We're upside down apparently .
REST OF WORLD: Yeah Australia is upside down.
AUSTRALIA (quietly) No we're not :(

MILLIONS of people die everyday from the Australia is upside down saying you can stop this by calling 555-555-555 or calling 13 10 60
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by Anti upside down Australia December 12, 2017

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Land belonging to nobody.
In 1770 James Cook declared Australia to be terra nullius.

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A land flowing with goon and back-handed-slightly-racist-sarcastic-jokes
"ye nah mate i'm from stralya (australia) brah"
"nice, you want a drink?"
"nah i'm set with my goon 'n' orchy bottle mate"
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by eyeballs r NOT 4 suking July 20, 2016

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When you are in the middle of eating a clit and you bite it off, thus resulting in a bloody mess, a breakup of even the cops
Carl: hey Jim, you ever think about how Urban Dictionary is really going downhill? I mean, all you see nowadays is people making up words about their friends or some nasty sexual act
Jim: lmao no but i do think of the Australia alot
by dad look it's the good kush May 28, 2018

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