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This describes one who is sexually kinky but has a great body.
The weightlifter was known as the Marquis de Bod in the bar scene.
by I, Wreckerrr December 11, 2016

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A girl who is smart with an amazing personality and who will treat you fair, a person who can be athletic and attractive unbelievably attractive with hips like no others but her friends will always go first she is a blonde with dreams and friends to who ever but if you hurt one of them you better look out for Lydia because she will come after you no matter what.If you get hold of a Lydia better keep her tight and don't let her go because she will make your life so much better then you will ever know in your entire life.
Guy- god damn I need a Lydia in my life Girl- well I already have one
by Ladybug5923 April 17, 2017

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A beautiful girl, with very nice curves. She's smart, She's athletic, she's amusing, she's creative, but have a very nasty attitude, and she has a wall built up against new people, She's fun to be around , she's very brace, she's very nice, have a nice ass that dudes love see coming, Kiennas Are Something Different.
Kienna Is A Tough Cookie.
by JalaahBrooks December 04, 2016

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A weird girl that everyone finds attractive, but don't really want to date her. She loves to read and is academically skilled.
That girl over there is such a Makenna.
by Laizura October 03, 2016

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Nichos is a cool kid . He's so down to earth and can make anyone laugh or smile . He is very attractive and has little flaws. He's a total "chick magnet ". He's a well rounded student & athlete .
"I just saw Nichos around the corner , he's so cool"
by 2kislife March 14, 2017

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A word most London youth use to describe someone's appearance. Used when the person is attractive
oi that girl over there is bare piff
via giphy
by Angie2003 June 01, 2018

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Alannahia is a uncommon name where no one really has that name. She is very beautiful, nice, and calm. She is very attractive to guys when it comes to her walking to places or on social media. There's people who likes to talk about her and she insists its okay but its really not. She's not a person who likes to start drama or have drama. She likes being in her own circle where she rarely have friends, alannahia is a friendly person and who likes to help others. She barely makes friends because of the people who she use to hang with.
Alannahia is a heart warming person
by Carmen Hernandez April 23, 2017

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