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Here's my view on what anxiety is if you've never experienced it.

Imagine hanging out with all your best friends. You're having the time of your life with them, it's a nice sun shiny day. Then, all of a sudden a dark cloud sweeps over you and all of your friends disappear and a recorder goes off in your head reminding you off horrible memories, tasks you have yet to accomplish, and insults that you've been told before.

When you have anxiety all the fun stops immediately and all you think about is the "bad stuff."
Bill: *Walking in the park with his wife, happy as ever, then he stops walking and remembers the time he got robbed in a different park* Now Bill is on edge and can no longer enjoy his day with his wife. This is anxiety for you.
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by Krx.ed April 23, 2017

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When someone gives u anxiety
Stefani makes me anxieted everyday
by Cheeeessseeeee July 31, 2017

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