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Hey mom, look at that ice daddy!
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by gmd133044 October 25, 2018

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A turtle who spins webs to collect water. Since turtles are so slow, they are unable to reach water for long periods of time and therefore have evolved into a spurtle. Spurtles make Spiderman look like a loser.
The spurtle was thirsty.
by loserpants101 May 04, 2019

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He chases himself
Look, it's a moherfucking mousecat! He chases himself..
by mister-sub-zero October 18, 2017

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Benchley loran is the name of the last remaining creature from the fatihatianboi species, as it’s name indicts ,it’s a species native to Haiti, and is distinguished by its out of proportion sheeks , which gives him the nickname of Nicky Minaj’s ass , in the scientific community, due to the striking resemblance they share.
Even though it’s name says he’s native to hatia , he can still also be found on the island of Saint Martin, stealing jobs , burning trees on the hills of the island and, taking fast foods out of business, by robing their food supplies.
So basically like any other hatian.
The species that Benchley loran belongs to is carnivorous and prays on lil Indian Bois by hurting their feelings and then feeding on their tears.
The species migrates from haiti to Saint Martin by using its cheeks as a floating device like to help it swim to the island.
The species that Benchley loran belongs to can also be associated with other species such as the aronexicaashley ,the hovaniasorus ,and the retarthuro.
Benchlay loran: last remaining creature from the fatihatianboi species ,native to Haiti
by Orazal (; September 23, 2018

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Getting hammered 24/7 and doing stupid things while you are.
That dude was CRAZY last night! I mean, he was just being Buddha
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by RIPwindow April 26, 2017

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A muzzle/snout
I poked my dog on his snoot last week

My dog had a leaf on his snoot three days ago I had to take it off
by 5754rtytryy65535yu654 June 05, 2018

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A super cute little chachee with flowers on the head. Looks like a glamorous capybara .
Wow, look at that capyflara go!
Damn I wish I looked like that capyflara.
You know what, that capybara really is a capyflara at heart.
by SouLaLa January 08, 2018

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