#anal sex

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An Anus stretched out enough to park a car in.
Bruce has a bad case of garage ass since the fleet is in port!
by I, Wreckerrr November 09, 2016

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The anal region in sex.
Bend over, time to dip into the backpoon!
by I, Wreckerrr November 09, 2016

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euphemism for an anus, ass. Used in reference to anal sex
Man, that new chick was freaky and begged for it in her dung oven
by Country Dick Montana December 04, 2017

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Anal sex with as many different partners as possible in a specific period of time.
That party last night was awesome. It was a bunghole rodeo. I banged three chicks in a row.

My ass is a bit sore today. I don’t remember much after passing out. But pretty sure that I was a participant in a bunghole rodeo.
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by Tugg N. Harder March 12, 2018

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Also known as ARD. Anal recovery day is when a sick or PTO day must be used to be absent from work or school due to having your anal region pummeled during sexual activity the evening prior. Time is needed to recover from the gape, tenderness and even the ability to walk straight again.
HR: Good Morning HR department.

Employee: Hi this is Rachel in Accounting. I’m going to need to take a sick day today so I won’t be in.

HR: Sorry to hear that. Feel better. Is it the flu that’s going around?
Employee: I wish. It’s an anal recovery day. My boyfriend hit it hard last night. I may have a fissure.
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by Tugg N. Harder June 02, 2018

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Reference to anal sex. Whether it be with a male, female, or someone in-between
She asked what i wanted. I told her I was mudbound.
by Lord Commander of the North December 21, 2017

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The arousing act of carefully popping the cap of a wine bottle off using your partner's throbbing anus, and then proceeding to fill the potentially bloodied anus with the distilled beverage. Usually between two men, but can be performed between any two sexes, (provided both have an experienced, prolapse-able anus of divine integrity.)
This one time, me and my buddy Keith performed a Lindenhurst Liquor Lid Tipper on each other, and my buddy Keith, like, I did it wrong, and the whole damn bottle exploded in his ass! I swear man, it was like, beating off to one man, one jar all over again! His glassy ass was bleeding for weeks!
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by titty tickler of the seven sea September 14, 2017

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