#anal sex

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euphemism for an anus, ass. Used in reference to anal sex
Man, that new chick was freaky and begged for it in her dung oven
by Country Dick Montana December 04, 2017

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When his cock is just too big and attempts to penetrate your asshole for anal just leaves your ass puckered and stinging like hell.
I went out with an ass hornet last night. I need some medicated salve today.
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by Eaton Holgoode January 14, 2019

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Reference to anal sex.
Rachel bent over and begged me to start strokin’ deuce.

I was strokin’ deuce with that filthy whore and it was evident she hadn’t dropped her daily. I had to shower off after.
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by Eaton Holgoode December 18, 2018

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Reference to anal sex. Typically the vigorous and rough variety.
My boyfriend is coming over with a 5 lb. jar of lube. Pretty sure he’s planning on splitin’ ham tonight.

I didn’t mind serving my time on that theft charge but I could have done without my cellmate splitin’ ham on me every night.
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by Dick Inmee May 13, 2019

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To have anal sex. To pillage one’s corn chute with the penis or a sexual device.
Rachel was begging me to can the corn so I went to pound town on dat ass.

I hooked up with a guy last night and well.......he decided to can the corn.
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by Eaton Holgoode January 17, 2019

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The arousing act of carefully popping the cap of a wine bottle off using your partner's throbbing anus, and then proceeding to fill the potentially bloodied anus with the distilled beverage. Usually between two men, but can be performed between any two sexes, (provided both have an experienced, prolapse-able anus of divine integrity.)
This one time, me and my buddy Keith performed a Lindenhurst Liquor Lid Tipper on each other, and my buddy Keith, like, I did it wrong, and the whole damn bottle exploded in his ass! I swear man, it was like, beating off to one man, one jar all over again! His glassy ass was bleeding for weeks!
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by titty tickler of the seven sea September 14, 2017

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To stick three soda cans up ones rectum
Damn that girl just pulled off rip
by Off RIP guy 22 April 19, 2019

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