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Very funny and very pretty. Super fun to hang out with, and is a generally awesome friend. Usually has lovely pale skin and freckles, and has confidence problems. An Amber is an extremely talented and smart person, most commonly a girl, and has many friends. A lesson that Amber needs to learn is to believe in herself and cherish the moments she spends with her friends and family.
Amber is so nice. I wish I was more like her!
by PaytonLueders07 July 06, 2016

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She’s hot asf. Honestly if you know a girl named amber better fuck her. Trust me girls with the name amber are good in bad
Damn amber
by Xoamberxo January 05, 2018

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A cool place in Westlake Texas to hang out as long as you stay away from the large amber hole.
There is a diseased Amber hole in the villas on Lake Travis.
by SouthSide Vixen January 04, 2017

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