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Adjective; a state of sleepiness or tiredness that occurs simultaneously with happiness or contentness as a result of the aforementioned weary state.
I get really slappy after I'm coming down from my high.
by RonJeremysFatCock August 20, 2017

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A guy who enjoys sexual pleasure in his hairy a-hole. Likes any type of anal pleasure but prefers a butternut squash shoved in there vigorously. An obsob also tends to have a stretched dick hole due to attempted dick fingering.
carrot: "hey girl have you ever experienced pleasure with an obsob"
potato: "not yet, not planning on it either i heard that they only do anal I'm more a vaginal type, what about you celery?"
celery:" yeah I've experienced an obsob, his stretched dick hole ate my clit as i shoved a butternut squash up his tight hairy a-hole"
by celery,potato,carrot March 23, 2017

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The act of penetrating a potato, celery or a carrot into the a-hole vigorously. Depending on preference before the penetration you or the person you are sexually pleasuring might like to take a big SHAT on the desired vegetable.
"Last night I got a juicy veggie moin, and Shaun SHAT on the carrot before sliding it into my tight anus"
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by celery,potato,carrot March 24, 2017

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A teenage boy from the age of 14 to 17 that thinks he can rap but really sucks more ass then the bitch nigga reading this
BROOO!!! you're totally a WORCESTER RAPPER juu heard!!
by Lil Whale February 19, 2017

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A horizontal highfive and than a fist bump
Gimme some slap bump baby
by Jpizzthenizz June 16, 2018

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When you are fucking a chick you cum between her pussy lips, then place you dick on top and move in back and forth to give the appearance of a Banana Boat.
"Baby? Can I have your special Banana boat tonight
by Silent Gary September 18, 2017

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The act of drinking water really quickly, then spitting it up into someone belly button and then putting a pair of male genitals inside it.
My girlfriend texted me last night and asked me to perform a Dallas Poboy, It was amazing.
by REALTurtleboy August 23, 2017

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