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Jewish Black AIDS
I hope you get J BLAIDS.
by 2nd lunch March 28, 2017

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Is when an Australian stripper licks your ass crack until you walk like a British man in Florida with a hot dog in the eye making him limp
Did you see John I heard he just got a Timp, so lucky.
by DickPeanutbutter January 03, 2017

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It's where a group of 10 or more thots try to bang every man in sight.
Be careful Timmy don't get close to that aids pool
by Sanequea November 26, 2017

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The physical form of autism which is very fatal to the people/person touching the item
Normie: Does my fidget spinner look nice ?

Random kid: doEs mY fiDget spinNer loOk niCe?
via giphy
by FannypackGod June 15, 2017

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When u put aids in a cup
"u want some aids i have put in this cup?" "i heard u like aids in a cup"
by Aids Within A Styrofoam Cup April 12, 2017

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A whore.
Person 1: God, Sofia is such a fucking loser lol what are you doing up? It's 4am go to sleep. Dumb thot.

Sofia: You know what? You right
by Smolanalman June 15, 2018

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Aniyah is usually the name of a ugly bitch who has no edges & sends nudes . If your name is Aniyah , you may be used to sending nudes and getting bullied in school , overly obsessed with amityville boys , etc. Other than that , Aniyah's are really ugly and have big foreheads and fail every class in school , including lunch .
You know that hoe ass bitch Aniyah !
by DoopleCer March 14, 2017

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