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A person who ages their wine way past it's prime.
Most British Bordeaux drinkers are oenecrophiliacs. Their '28's aren't ready yet...
by The BigBee February 05, 2017

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When one has consumed wine to such a quantity that there is no longer room in there belly. Thus wine is then sweat out of the body in a drunken hazy.
My girlfriend drank so much wine last night that she woke up soaked from a case of the wine sweats.
by RAMSAYBolton January 01, 2017

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The game of chance played while drinking wine with an unknowing and mentally unstable significant other or companion. The outcome is always unknown and can very from happiness, sadness, crying, throwing of fists, irrational and erratic behaviour and pointless arguing. The odds of an unfavourable outcome increase as the amount of wine consumed increases.
was playing wine roulette with Meghan last night and lost bad. She got so drunk that she started to cry and punch me because I haven't proposed to her yet.
by Chubby Pickle February 26, 2017

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Abbreviation for "bottle of wine", most often used after drinking one.
I had half a bine before coming here today.
by JerryTheCow123 September 17, 2017

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