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A guy name. Usually a fuck boy and hot as fuck. Hes a sporty guy but high all the time. His best friend is hot and as high as him
"Damn did you see tadej today"

"No but his best friend is hot as fuck"
by Kupi mi gucci November 03, 2017

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a middle school fuck boy who gets his clothes from salvation army and walks like he has shit in his goodwill jeans
bro did you see ashland’s ugly ass shirt today?
by yourthicmomma October 23, 2018

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That Bitch is a player he goes around dating a bunch of girls but when he dates one he flirts with others He says he wants to be with you But he only has eyes for one girl.
Girl:Yeah me and Esteban are dating
Friend: Ok then why is he flirting with you enemie
by SelenaMarieIsis April 16, 2019

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A guy that is a fuckboy.
Did you see him? He's totally Goce.
by 13215443254313.235866 January 29, 2017

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A disgusting fuck boy who tries to get all the girls nudes

All he does is objectify women

Most people call him an oxygen thief
"Hey Carrie Sam texted me last night"
"Omg he did not Sarah he texted me last night"

"No girls he texted me"

What did he say to you

In unison "I have nice tits can we get exchange nudes"


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Hair faded , game player , fucking with 2 girls , lyin , cheatin , beatin , crying, dying slapped dropped stopped
I fell like Kaylob

I fell like a fuck boy
by Jehsyehd November 28, 2016

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An idiotic jerk that doesn’t know how to stop touching girls butts and is a total fuck boy. Do not trust him he will just seduce you.
omg Trepa touched my butt.
by Jimay November 10, 2017

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