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When used by 13 year old girls, it is used at the end of a sentence to try to look cool and badass, but everyone makes fun of them for it.

When used by anyone else, it is used to make fun of the 13 year old girls who think they're badass because they just had their first period.

After about a week of usage, though, adding ~*~* to the end of your sentences becomes a habit, and officially DOES make you pretty badass, as long as you are NOT a 13 year old girl and ONLY if you have "it."

You know what "it" is.~*~*
kate: omg lol liek we r 2 h0tt 4 r own g00d~*~*
jane: omfg ikr lol!~*~*
kate: i s4y fuk l0l i r b4d4ss~*~*
jane: omg i luv say1n fuk l0l!~*~*
kate: l0l me 2 lets g0 p0k3 sm0t l0l cuz i no wut that meenz now~*~*
jane: ... w8 wut duz p0k3 sm0t meen?
by aubexoticdancer February 09, 2011
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