An A class woman, if she was in beef family she’d be classified as Wagyu.

Smart and beautiful, elegant and adorable. A rhapsody that elates the feeling of hope. Her perfection walks amongst the riffs of Elonia and delivers reserruction. Known to be the opposite of merciless, she is unparalleled, bringing a moira of brilliance towards life.
Guy: I don’t know what I did to deserve a Zafira Adlyn.

Or in another context

Girl: I want to be reborn as Zafira Adlyn!

Zafira Adlyn: Never, there is only one! And my love stays with one forever as well! We will always meet, even in different or previous lives! I shall treat him as king as he treats me as queen !

Lastly in this context

K: Where do you wanna go eat?
Z:I don’t know, where do you wanna eat?
K: Can u not be a Zafira Adlyn and just answer?
by yoFuturechilD-DuaBibir January 4, 2018
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