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what is a z sofia?

z sofia (n.) are most commonly found roaming the streets of budapest and/or nearby villages. more often than not, the z sofia will be spotted munching on lángos and blasting dübörög a ház on repeat while simultaneously photographing and classifying every dog variety that passes. a z sofia is a chopstick natural, even the slipperiest of noodles the z sofia handles gracefully. the best way to call a z sofia over is the act of making kissing while patting ones knees, very much like calling a pupper. z sofia's naturally prey on liams who have little defense against z sofias advances. the only known predators of the z sofia are kitchen counters and vodka shots.
bro 1: fuck dude i woke up cold as shit this morning bc my blankets were gone
bro 2: idiota, u gotta hold on to that shit or a z sofia might take 'em
by huszarlany69 June 04, 2018
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A crazy foreign girl who loves black people and has a fondness for drinking heavily and dancing to european techno.
Guy 1: OMG did you see that Zsofia over there?
Guy 2: yeah, she was completely crunk and trying to get with that black person.
by Bondster June 01, 2009
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A girl that likes shade, drama, tea and seeing others in pain.
Person 1: Is that Zsofia?
Person 2: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! She’s the devil!
by geturbitchassouttahere August 31, 2018
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