coming from the suburbs going into the ghetto, meets a new life. hustling the drugs, and all of the money.
Z Money is the dough.
by puncake May 19, 2007
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The biggest OC dealer around... Probably the biggest that ever lived. Can be found driving a white Yukon on 24's. Has tons of dough and knows how to use it.
Whoa... who was that driving past with all the girls?
Don't you know? It's Z money honey!
by twillip67 September 24, 2007
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This is a man that has harnessed the power of all beards everywhere and his musk is more powerful than the scent of sex panther. This man flooded Cardi B’s basement so hard she needed the bucket and the mop, causing the phenomenon known as the WAP.
“Why are there panties soaked all over the ground? Oh because Dirty Z Money just walked through here.”
by Wheely B December 4, 2020
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the act of consuming four (4) consecutive shots of hard liquor, followed by a beer bong within a short period of time. also known as a Money Delight
dogg you ain't krunk yet! do a z-money delight
by Your Neighborhood Pimps April 6, 2007
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A gay mexican from Mahtomedi, Mn.
Likes men. Smokes polls.
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
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