Rich idiots that wear abercrombie while drinking starbucks with one professionally manicured hand, and holding a prada bag with the other tiffany bracelet adorned hand.
by Xtine Max January 02, 2004
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derived from young urban professional +ie ,created in the early 80's
by hazzi January 17, 2003
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A term which might have a lot of negative connotations attached to it, but really only means what it stands for - Young Urban Professional. In other words, it's anyone who is over twenty and under forty, lives in an urban environment and has a good career. This does most likely mean that they are fairly affluent, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they're self-centered, obsessed with showing off, pissy if they don't start off every single day of their lives with a latte from Starbucks, or anything else like that.
I plan to become a yuppie once I'm out of grad school, but that one little label doesn't make me a bad person.
by future urban professional December 04, 2005
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The most annoying type of person on the planet. Young and often taking their jobs too seriously, often tuning out the rest of the planet hence becoming the laughing stock of anyone with credibility/ even half a brain. Cares about oneself, and oneself only.
Does that person know anything outside of their own world.... hell no that stupid yuppie can only focus on herself
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A derogatory term used to describe young, rich, and normally stuck-up people.

Yuppies (or: YUPS) are in the age group of 22-32, live in large, expensive subdivisions, and live with general technology and wealth. Yuppies commonly drive foreign luxury cars as well as small SUVs, such as a Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav-4, or Jeep Liberty. Yuppies are often seen at nature centers, walking trails, or beach-side campgrounds. Yuppies often pay $300,000 for houses with an extremely small yard and no foliage.

Yuppies get along easily with other yuppies. However, anyone "below" them on the social chain they will not talk to.

Yuppies may be male or female, however, when a female yuppie becomes pregnant and has a child, she then becomes a soccer mom.
Yuppies are generally morons who have no clue what a piston is.
by rice hater March 12, 2006
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A word used by ignorant, unclean, uneducated people to describe people who are successful, clean, care about their health and the environment.
"Look at that yuppie shopping at Trader Joe's.. he thinks he's better than me because he buys organic food".
by LoveMyOregon November 05, 2008
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A derogatory euphemism generally used by blue collar workers, the less fortunate, or lazy (generally out of envy) to describe young, educated, medium to high income professionals that enjoy spending the money they work hard for. Usually, the terms McMansion or suburbanite will accompany the use of the term.
College Dropout: "I can't stand that city-- all those successful, suburbanite yuppies with their high payng jobs living in their huge, brick McMansions. GAH! Who could EVER want a life like that?"
by Prosperity July 13, 2008
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