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a rapper that sings the song "Goin' Down" he dances like a biker reving his engine
Yung joc sings the chorus like this:
Meet me in the Trap
It's goin' down
Meet me in the Club
It's goin' down
Meet me in the Mall
It's goin' down
Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down.
by The Almighty Ones May 31, 2006
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Hands down the best (and by best, of course, I mean most awful) "rapper" to come about so far (source: every conscious person with working ears). A feat once believed to be impossible, Yung Joc shocked the music world by being the only man to actually make songs that were more simple and boring than snap music. Another amazing feat, Yung Joc actually plagiarized himself by making his second single nearly the exact same as his first single. The truly amazing part is that it has actually received radio airplay, because stupid one-minded clowns will listen to anything that's fed to them.
Lil Jon: Thanks to Yung Joc, all my beats that people used to say were all the same now sound like 9-part concertos compared to his stupid bullshit!

Mike Jones: Thanks to Yung Joc, all my verses that people used to say were all the same now sound like brilliant poetry compared to his stupid bullshit!

Fred: I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Any suggestions?
Joe: You can get one of those noise machines. Or you can just listen to Yung Joc's CD. You can find it at your local 5 dollar bin or I'm sure if you find someone that was stupid enough to buy it they'll be glad to give it to you for free.
by paparazzi July 16, 2006
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Popular Atlanta rapper signed to Bad Boy South. Most famous for popularizing the dance called the motorcycle.
Music-loving individual 1:"Did you buy Yung Joc's album, New Joc City, yet?"
Music-loving individual 2:"Yes, I did. Well, actually, I burned it. I mean, somebody other than me that likes to break the law burned it. HAHAHAHAha!"
by nastina June 08, 2006
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Da wackest rapper out there.his rymes suc and his dance is sooo gay.He would get killed if he went up agaisnt rappers Game,eminem,Jadakiss,and even mediocre rappers lyrically.
Yo u know that boy Yung Joc?
Yea hes that gay ass rapper with stupid ass dance right.
yep thats him
by gfbrhyie July 12, 2006
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A rapper from college park with in my opinion more talent than youre average rapper who has very catchy songs like goin down,hear me coming and i know you see it. To prove his talent on the BET top 100 rap/hip-hop/r-b videos of 2006 yung jocs video "its goin down" got number 1 overall
Yung joc is probably the best rapper on the scene right now.
by Ricky Barrie January 30, 2007
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rapper from the c.p. goes wi this guy name nitti n um yea he make catchy ass tunes
its a nitti beat this nigga go by the name of joc YUNG JOC!!!!!!!!
by cheeks mcgee June 07, 2006
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