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Yung Gravy ( is an American rapper from Wisconsin. Yung Gravy is known by many other names such as Mr. Clean, Mr. Butter, The Young Steve Harvey, and more. Yung Gravy began his music career in 2016, and still continues to make music that fans love.

Despite his formidable success, Gravy remains faceless, for now. Some remarkable trademarks of Yung Gravy’s astounding opus include: Various holiday themes, references to several well-known singers and athletes, and Yung Gravy’s vocal tone bearing resemblance to that of the late Frank Sinatra (American Jazz singer). The content of Gravy’s lyrics largely consists of “flexing on one’s Mother, Sister, or Chiropractor”; having a timepiece that “resembles the Northern lights”, & the topic of Gravy (food item).

Yung Gravy is largely recognized by his pinup style album covers & his vintage mannerisms and music samples, which appears to be his approach in the music industry. Yung Gravy is beloved by many fans, and his fan base is growing rapidly. Yung gravy’s hit “Mr. Clean” recently acquired 1 million views, making it his most popular song.

TL;DR : He's the best rapper of all time and he'll finesse your mother with no hesitation.
Friend: Who do you think is running the rap game atm.
You: Yung Gravy for sure.

Friend: That milf is so hot.
You: Boutta pull a Yung Gravy on her.
by Dory_InAnOcean September 01, 2017
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Rapper who created popular songs such as "Mr. Clean" "1 thot 2 thot red thot blue thot."
person: Hey man who is your favorite rapper? person 2: Its gotta be Yung Gravy.
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by duccsucc October 05, 2018
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One of the greatest rappers of all time. Known for his hits “Mr. Clean” and “One Thot Two Thot Blue Thot”. He has completed two North American tours and is going on a tour in Europe in September 2018. Yung Gravy’s nicknames include: Lil Steamer, Mr. Clean, and Yung Steve Harvey.
Yung Gravy is my dad.
by myleg! June 13, 2018
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