The most delicious succulent dick. A beautiful mushroom head for a pucker sound and a long shaft and nice buoyant balls that bounce and are ready for my mouth. If a girl says you have a yummy dick it is a high compliment.
Melissa loves yummy dicks. <3
"His dick was no average dick, it was my favorite delicious dick and it tasted like yummy dick."
"Can I have some more yummy dick please?"
"When I looked at it, it made my mouth water because yummy dicks have a way of doing that to me."
by Vida Armonia February 24, 2018
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A fat, juicy dick that chocked you to death.
I guess your mom liked that yummy dick last night haaaaaaa
friend: yeah I’ll bet, it is quite yummy
by Yummmy dick March 07, 2018
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Yummy as dick. aka YAD

Sometimes the things in life are in fact yummy as dick, or so I've been told.
The pinot noir I had was yummy as dick.
by Delta Kiral December 19, 2011
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