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An idiotic play on words. Used to insult a cardgame and the children that play it.
some douche: Ohh!! You're playing yu GAY oh. You faggy little 9 year old who plays a game thats targeted towards your age group. I bet you're gay. you gay homo!

9 year old: Don't you have anything better to do? What are you, like 30? Get a job you bum.

Clint: Yeah, i'll support the 9 year old. It's a childrens game, Get over yourself and get a GED you homophobic twit.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 23, 2005
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See yu gi oh or yu-gi-oh
Synonym for Japanese cartoon named Yu-Gi-Oh!
"Oh look, they're playing yu-gay-oh"
by Moo November 01, 2004
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A person who is obsessed by the childrens card game, Yugioh. They are hated by anyone who is normal, and because of this their obsession is usually hidden. Friends of YuGayOh's who are not fans of the show are alienated by the person, mainly because of the abuse the person gets from enjoying a childrens card game, when being over fifteen years old. One side effect of being a YuGayOh is chronic denial. Because of this the game will only be talked about to their closest friends. Because of the lack of friends the individual has the few they do will be bombarded with lectures on cards they have never heard of, and never plan to.
Tom is such a YuGayOh, he bums out that game.
by Ian Owen November 28, 2008
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