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If you are reading this, then you are most likely bored to hell.

Person: "I'm bored."


Person *types urban dictionary backwards*

Person: "Keael must be bored as well. He defined yranoitcid nabru. INTERESTING."
by Keael January 03, 2006
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by wix99 September 20, 2016
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The total opposite of urban dictionary. Instead of adding new words, you take away words.
"Hey have you heard of yranoitciD nabrU?"
"No, that word was removed a while ago on there."
by MeatIoafgod November 11, 2020
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You must be as bored as I am!
yranoitcid nabru yranoitcid nabru yranoitcid nabru yranoitcid nabru
via giphy
by yeltsA kciR May 25, 2021
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something that was planned by someone to destroy the site urban dictionary. but was failed and is now reading of his or her failure in an attempt to destroy the site.
person who has just gotten offended by urban dictionary: *types* yranoitcid nabru

oh teh noes!!!!!
by failed evil genius :( April 20, 2008
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"Urban Dictionary" backwards. The term is used to describe n00bs named Joseph Howard who date 7th graders.
Bryan: Hey how's joey doin'?

Nick: Oh, you mean the yranoitcidnabru?
by Nick Theo June 22, 2010
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