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The amazing racial discriminatory phenomenon coined youtubism a hybrid of (youtube and racism) that has erupted on youtube, where any video that has absolutley anything to do with Black , Asian or non-Caucasian people provokes mindless raving lunatics to leave incredibly racist and derogatory comments on the poster's video. Can lead to a racially aggravated rant betwenn said poster and another youtuber who has been lured into replying. See racism
Hillbillyboi456: This video is full of useless lazy n***ers, they should all be lined up and shot.
Pencil432xx: Oh stfu you crazy trailer trash honkey - why you always have to leave KKK comments on our videos man. Your probably some sad lonely pre-teen who craves attention, and hides behind the computer screen.
Amachronic: That's youtubism right there ^^^
by Amachronic August 21, 2007
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