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Term people look up when they hear euthanasia and don't know what it means.
"Is Dr. Kevorkian a pedophile or something? He keeps doing youth in asia."
by seven ate nine January 06, 2010
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A different spelling for euthanasia. It refers to a nice word of killing someone who wants to end his/her own life. However it can also refer to the youths-in-Asia or youthinasia who interfere with killing of older people who wants to die. Please see the example deliberately.
Ali-G: "Let's talk about doctors, does they have the rights to end olds people lives"

Doctor: "That's euthanasia/youthinasia"
Ali-G: "Why is it the responsibility of the youthinasia for killing somebody else. Surely it is between that patient and the doctor"
Doctor: " Youthinasia is the term that is used when you are killing, it is a nice word for killing"
Ali-G: "well whatever, you are saying that it's mainly Asian youths responsible, do they have to be resposibe for this"
by Allawee October 14, 2011
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The band ASIA have a song called wildest dreams. In it, there is a line.

"They recommended youth in Asia. The non-conformers everywhere."
It is almost certainly a double meaning.. because it does sound like euthanasia.
Circa the 60's the U.S. Government did not like the free-thinking youth.. (just like today)
So they conscripted them, and shipped them off to the meat grinder they called Viet Nam.
It was the same thing they are doing now, except now they have the game down to a science.
Anyway.. if packing up your political stumbling blocks and sending them ill equipped into the teeth of war is not euthanasia.. what is? (Although euthanasia is SUPPOSED to be merciful, it almost never is.)
"They recommended youth in Asia; the non-conformers everywhere."
by Long Range December 21, 2015
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Children in Asia or of Asian ancestry, more over from India East in the Asian continent or Asian ancestry.
by ralz1989 June 26, 2008
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Youthinasia is the name of a young chinese boy, hence 'youth in asia.' He grew up in China where he worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a Chinese Gold Farmer on World of Warcraft just like his family. One day, his mother and father sacrificed everything they had in order to move to America and seek better jobs as janitors and factory workers. They also have been trying to learn English. Unfortunately, Youthinasia was never able to master this new language. His peers would beat him up for the lulz and make fun of his poor Engrish. Because he could never do well in school, Youthinasia dropped out and now plays World of Warcraft 24/7 once again as a Chinese Gold Farmer. When his parents found out, they were disgraced. Youthinasia greatly dishonored his family and his parents went to Dr. Kevorkian to die via euthanasia. From that day on, the boy's name has become a term to describe the greatest level of nerdy failure ever.
Wow dude, you are so fucking nerdy. Plus, it also very noticeable that you are a huge failure. Congratulations, fuckbucket, you're the new Youthinasia!
by Travis Boudreax May 27, 2008
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