a word spit out at any given time or place when someone (most likely a complete idiot) has absolutely no idea what to say
Hilary: Have you beeen havin a affair?!
Bill: uhh...
Hilary: Tell me! Who have you been doin stuff with lately?
by michael jackson November 21, 2003
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Say this every time somebody asks you a question
Teacher: Timmy, did you do ur homework?
Timmy: No, I did your mom

Nerd getting pushed around: Stop guys, that hurts
Timmy: Thats what ur mom said last night
by Joel Bossy December 06, 2006
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two words often put together for when some one asks you a gay or obvious question, or just for fun you can say it after everything some one says and really piss them off. Or just to burn some one. and you need to say OH! or BURN!!!! or somthing gay like that.
gay guy: your so asian
cool guy: your moms so asian
random guy: ASIAN!!! HA!!!! ASIAN!!!!

gay guy: lets play a game
cool guy: lets play your mom
random guy: OH!!!!!

gay guy: you suck
cool guy: your mom sucks... MY BALLS!!!!!
random guy: pwn3d!!

gay guy: what do you wanna do today?
cool guy: your mom
random guy: HAHA HE BURNED YOU FOOL!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!
by The Random guy April 07, 2006
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A joke used to be really funny. Most people get tired of it, but I don't. Some find it offensive, but it is a generic 'mom' we're talking about here.
Truth or Dare?
I dare you to do.....YOUR MOM!!! hahahahah! (does victory dance)
by Your Mom (actually Zewt) January 31, 2004
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My answer to everything.
Teacher: Why didn't you turn in your homework?
Me: Your mom.
Teacher: What do you think your doing, sleeping in class?!
Me:...Your mom.
Teacher: Any questions?
Me: Your mom... I mean, your mom?
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
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A great response that can be used in 99% of argumentative situations.
John: Fuck you
Me: I fucked your mom

John: Your a dick
Me: Your mom doesn't mind

John: Get off my nuts dude
Me: I'm just getting you back because your mom wouldn't get off mine.

John: I'm gonna beat your ass dude.
Me: Just like I beat your mom's pussy?
by The Blanester88 November 04, 2007
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n. phrase overly used by teenagers, which is a great way to fill in sentences. is usually very funny, but can be offensive.
hey sarah, did you finish doing your homework? no andy, but i did finish doing your mom!
by Andy April 26, 2004
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The first or second in an almost ritualistic chain of insults. Can also be used as a stand alone insult. It is best used by mixing it with part of the first speakers sentence. Often used when A: it makes no sense, or, B: it makes way too much sense.
-Ex 1-
Person 1: That's one tall building
Person 2: Your MOM is one tall building!
Person 1: Your FACE is one tall building!!
Person 2: Your MOM'S FACE is one tall buidling!!!
Everyone else in the room: Ooohhhh!!

-Ex 2-
Person 1: I don't think i'm gonna to make it to friday.
Person 2: Come ON man!
Person 1: Hehehe... I'll come on.... YOUR MOM! OH!!
by ymf December 22, 2007
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