A phrase used when somebody doesn't know any good comebacks.

Also used as part of a joke

The woman who gave birth to you
Person1: You're so gay
Person2: Your mom

Your mom's so fat she stepped in the ocean and said 'Who put this puddle here?'

Person: I'd like you to meet your mom, Casie
by Stepheli November 10, 2005
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a phrase for use of backtalking and a good way to diss someone
-Man, you're ugly!
Yo mama ugly!

-I took him into the bedroom
I took your mom into the bedroom
by Pokey December 03, 2004
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1. The woman who gave birth to you and/or raised you.
2. An all-purpose insult, used to end a conversation, cover for the fact that you can't think of a witty comeback, or pwn somebody. When used in this sense, the implication is that your mom is sexually promiscuous, of below-average intelligence, grossly overweight, or any combination thereof. Does not necessarily have to make a lot of sense, e.g. 'Your mom goes to college!'
3. A ho.
Dick: '...therefore, your argument can be proven irrefutably incorrect.'
Jane: 'Your mom!'

Jane: 'Ew, this pizza tastes weird.'
Dick: 'Your mom tastes weird.'

Dick: 'Where's the remote control?'
Jane: 'I left it in your mom.'

Stephen Hawking: 'The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order.'
Dick and Jane: 'Your mom doesn't happen in an arbitrary manner!'

by Something_Vague June 16, 2007
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an amazing term used to describe anything you feel like. origins: dh ms ice hockey/napolean dynamite.
dude #1: dude this is getting old
dude #2: dude YOUR MOM is getting old

by holla back March 14, 2005
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worst comeback ever.
Steve: Your a douche

Bob: your mom is a douche!
by ghks1117 September 17, 2009
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Woman who either 1) pushed you through her vagina or 2) had surgery to have you removed.
Your mom gave birth to you after going through 12 hours of labor.
by YourMomOnFour June 18, 2008
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a diss. some say its really lame and when people can't think of something better to say. this is true sometimes. however at other times "your mom" disses can be really funny.. if it's the right person delivering the diss.
Laura: u know ur house sucks, we should go to mine.. i have Jumanji on DVD.

Rebecca: ur house smells like hot diareha.. plus Jumanji sucks more than ur mom when she was pregnant with u.
by deenie June 16, 2004
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Probably the most over-used, unintelligent and pathetic comeback phrase and/or insult ever imaginable in all of humankind.

Not only is the useage commonly meaningless and inaccurate, it's a piss-poor and half-assed attempt at trying to offend someone who is clearly clever and better at insulting you than you are at insulting them.

The term is also pretty annoying, petty and pitiful.

Person #1: I see that you are overweight, unlikeable and have a horrid personality... Who taught you to be the way that you are, you skanky slut?
Person #2: Your MOM!
Person #1: I suppose that makes sense, since you've never met with my mother or have ever been acquainted with her. Whatever. You suck at making insults.
Person #2: Um... shit, I guess you're right.
by Brandi8888 October 04, 2011
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