your mum/ya mum/yo momma is a comeback that if you say normally results with getting slapped. normally by a pikey.
it doesnt have to be a comeback, it can be said anywhere it makes sense.
Holly: so, what do you wanna do now?
Harry: your mum.
Holly: what did you do last night then?
Harry: your mum.

see? :)
by x rita x November 22, 2006
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the best response to any question. can be used on numerous occasions including insulting someone, an answer to a question you dont know the answer for, just for the hell of it or in concjuntion with a sentence. NB: it is important to find out about the status of the other person mother i.e. if something upsetting happened to her etc so no true insult is caused. P.S. the only people who WILL get really insulted then are silly or stupid and dont understand it is a joke and think you are really out to insult their family...
Percy: S'cuse me you've got something on your face.
Pat: Your mum's got something on her face.
Percy: okkkk... I havent got anyone to go to Prom with.
Pat: I'm going with your mum.
Percy: stop saying your mum!
Pat: your mum
Percy: your face!
Pat: *silence*
Randomer: Percy dude that was harsh!
Percy: sorry Pat your actually really pretty, will you go to Prom with me?
Pat: I already told you i'm going with your mum!
Teacher: Percy stop talking in my lesson. Whats the answer to question 4?
Percy: Your mum?
Teacher: DETENTION! (note the inappropriate last use here where percy just doesnt know where to stop or how the phrase is used...note Pats master skills FYI she doesnt reall want to go to prom with percys mum duh!)
by allknowingteen December 09, 2005
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Possibly the greatest insult ever, due to the sheer randomness of it.
Bob: Do you have the time?
Fred: Your mum
Bob: Shut up, you fag. Why do you have to be such a fag all the time?
Fred: Your mum! Your mum, that's why!
by Tempestua December 05, 2004
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An insult or comeback which is particularly useful to use on your ginger "friend" (especially one who denys that they are ginger - remember: there is no such colour as "strawberry blond"). This will make him whine like the little bitch on a period that he is.
Brucie: I'm not ginger

Gav: yes you are
Brucie: my parents are not ginger either
Gav: your mum colours her hair
Brucie: what? how do you know?
Gav: saw her minge last night
Brucie: WHAT?
Gav: yep.... Her minge was as orange as a cheesy Dorito. And more cheesy
Brucie: you cunt!
by I banged Brucie's mum September 15, 2012
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An insult commonly (mis)used in todays society.
Boy 1: "Your Mum!"

Boy 2: "She's your mum too idiot."
Boy 1: "................." "Well your dad then"
by Slanted view September 25, 2009
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an easy come back, can be used anywere.
john: i pulled last night!
jack: mate i pulled your mum
john: fuck you my mums dead
jack: that didnt stop me having my way with her
by owain May 27, 2007
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"your mum" is the ultimate answer
what's six times nine? your mum! (i always thought there was something fundimentally wrong with your mum)
by chuckyanutsup June 18, 2005
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