Literally the only comeback a libtard ever uses because he can’t come up with anything else and causes intellectuals to try and stoop down to his level of stupidity. It is used like a “That’s what she said” joke, but is never funny and overused
Someone: I’m at my house
Peyton: Your mom at my house
by LetMeGetAMuthaFugginUhhhhhhhhh February 17, 2018
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your mom is fat btw.

your mom is a really cool word beacause it has been used by Abraham lincon himself
your mom likes cock
your mom is fat
when your mom walks in the room all breaks
by daddyuuu March 09, 2021
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A common joke defining the communist who lives in every childs home (unless your adopted.)
She normaly is considered fat, ugly, or stupid in such jokes.
Guy 1: Yo how long until we go home?
Guy 2: Your Mom!
(It doesnt make sense.)
by HeyVsause February 20, 2019
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Your mom is an immature reply to a insult others may throw at you.
“Can you do something with your life?”
Your mom
by Ayo ladies and gentlemen January 10, 2019
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A dumbass reply to a question. Everyone thinks that it is cool, but really, it is super dumb.
Person 1: "Hey whatcha bring for lunch?"
Person 2: "Your mom".
Everyone: Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lolitisme November 25, 2018
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The ultimate comeback to any diss or response. These holy words have the ability to destroy the careers of those unfortunate to receive them. The only chance to not get fooled by these words is to pray to god and repent your sins.
Friend 1: “Hey do you know who’s the fattest person in the world right now?”
Friend 2: “Probably your mom”
Friend 3: Gasps, drops to the floor, spasms out, and dies

Bystander: “Damn bruh, this dude died”
via giphy
by Prepare thy anus January 26, 2020
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