These two words are to be put in the place of the initial noun to mock the other person.
Cashier: A dollar even.
Bob: You mom's a dollar even.
by Jane and Jenny April 18, 2004
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the answer to all lifes questions and queries.
you: whats the meaning of life?
me: your mom

you: what we having for tea tonight?
me: your mom

you: wheres sam?
me: with your mom
by DinkyDizzy May 8, 2005
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The thing annoying retards say when they think they're cool, or what they say when they don't feel like answering a question (usually followed by a high pitched voice screaming OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Guy: Duuuuude, hahahahaha, I watched a movie
Guy#2: I watched your MOM

Dude: What'd u have for lunch
Dude#2: YOUR MOM!!!!
by Truth Speaker May 2, 2004
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Possibly the most idiotic, uncreative insult ever. It's similar to a "yo mama joke", but a your mom joke is even more retarded. It's usually used by morons and idiots who can't come up with a decent comeback or insult. Another annoying thing is when a dumbass says a "your mom" insult, another dumbass (often a random douchebag that has nothing to do with the situation, but decides to butt in) will say something like "OHHHHHHHH!!!" or "You just got burned!!!".
(guy 1 pushes guy 2)
guy 2: What the Hell you, pushed me you motherfucking, piece of shit, cock sucking, ass-faced, douchebag!
guy 1: Well ummmm, I pushed your mom if you know what I mean!
random idiot: OHHHHHHH!!! You got burned!!!
guy 2: That was a shitty comeback
guy 1: Your mom is a shitty comeback!
random idiot: OHHHHHHHH!!! Burned again!!!
(guy 2 kicks the shit out of guy 1 and random idiot for being annoying and retarded)
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 26, 2010
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a general term, thrown out when you have no idea what someone is saying or just have no reply.
jim:hey ron, what are they having for lunch in the cafeteria.
ron:hmmmm,i dont know...a big side of
"your mom".
jim:fuck you dude
ron:like i did "your mom"
by the ron August 6, 2004
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something you say when you can't think of anything else to say, or if you just want to insult someone without thinking too hard. Can also be varied in response.
guy #1 - "Dude, shut up"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom!"
guy #1 - "well uh, <i>your</i> mom!"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom's daughter's mom!"
guy #1 - "your mom's mom's mom's grandson's son's mom!"
guy #2 - "your sister!"
guy #1 - "YOU BASTARD!!" *he hits guy #2 with a fantastic right hook*
by silent17 February 22, 2004
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"I heard you scored some pussy! Who'd you do?"
"Your mom"
by The Tomb January 24, 2008
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