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This is the worse insult ever uttered by mankind. Even God himself fears this insult.
George: ur mom gay
Carl: ur dad lesbian
George: ur granny tranny
Carl: ur grandpap a trap
George: ur family tree LGBT
Carl: ur ancestors are incestors
George falls to the ground, weakened by the raw power of Carl's insult.
George, with his dying breath: your genus likes penis
*the entire universe and everything in it implodes*
God watching from heaven: Nice.
by Dave is cool 222 May 19, 2018
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A serious insult meant to be used only in the most dire "your mom gay" type verbal battles.
Is worse than "your species feces" and less severe than "your family reunion homosexual communion".
Dave: your family tree LGBT!

Chad: your ancestors incestors!

Dave : your species feces


in order to not escalate the situation, Dave preserves the final insult, knowing Chad will most likely not survive it.
by Ethan Blandbarry May 19, 2018
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