From a 1976 speech by Ronald Reagan, who complained of "strapping young bucks" using public assistance to buy T-Bone steaks, the phrase is shorthand for "undeserving and lazy black people living off hardworking white taxpayers instead of getting a job." Many commentators have noted that the phrase originated from the auction block. Now used ironically by liberal commentators to identify racist dog-whistles in conservative argument.
"Whereas once the problem was just welfare queens and strapping young bucks, now it’s the entire middle and lower classes, the lazy union members, the credit card deadbeats, the unemployed so content with their benefits that they don’t look for work."

'We Are All Strapping Young Bucks Now'
Doug J. _Balloon Juice_ January 6, 2011
by Saxifrage2300 January 7, 2012
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A young, good-looking, and rather hot example of the male species who appears before the eyes of a lustful older woman.
Boss: "Why are you late?"
Cougar: "I got derailed by a strapping young buck."
Boss: "With antlers and everything?"
by MadamexXx March 10, 2009
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A young person who is a bitch. Usually for pressing people
Deanna you’re a young buck bitch
Damn did you see E money call Deanna a young buck bitch
by HyperSword15 May 23, 2018
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When you call someone young buck that means they are fucking liek every girl they can like bucks (male deer) they fight over women most of the time
“Dang you know tony? He was getting hella girls at that party last night, he is one young buck
by Janio October 7, 2018
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