the act of stabing and colapsing a persons lung. comes from when Young Buck stabbed & colapsed a man's lun at the 2004 Vibe Awards.
If Bate mentions my great-grandma again I swear I'm gonna young buck him.
by max & fish December 19, 2004
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he is one of the greatest rappers ever!
he is in the best group ever G G G G UNIT!!!! with lloyd banks 50 and tony yayo, and i caught his towel at the no mercy no fear concert in auckland nz!!!
come on now we all know gold is getting old, the ice in my teeth keep the cristal cold
by gingeminge December 13, 2003
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young man, built, studdly, usually the one who gets with the cougars, and pumas.
Hey ladies, Im a young buck wanting you
by Howieusmc April 16, 2009
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Young Buck or YB is the best rapper around at the moment probably will still be for a long time. he is part of G-Unit which also has 50 cent Yayo, Lloyd Banks (which is second best rapper) and olivia
I Understand am a target am on top. but understand if u start it am gon'pop
-Young buck, Prices on my head
by DaBadGuy July 1, 2005
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kick ass rapper in g unit. he has much more talent than 50 cent and lloyd banks and tony yayo all together, and hes got an ill flow in his songs. just recently released his album, "buck the world", which includes songs such as get buck, slow ya roll, pocket full of paper, puff puff pass, and 4 kings, just to name some favorites. he is a true gangster
"watch me do my thang, i got these hoes open, im ridin presedential like the shit that im smokin"- get buck by young buck
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
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badass rapper in gunit who stabed someone at 2004 vibbe awards
defending the rapper dr.dre who started g-unit!
in tie with loyd banks for second best rapper in g-unit.
young buck is under alot of hate by the blackwall stripers.
but they havent responded which pissed of the game.
g-unit includes:50 cent,young buck,tony yayo,lloyd banks,mazaradi fox,spider loc,and others.
Person 1:fuck dr.dre *throws chair at dr.dre*
young buck:you son of a bitch!!*stabs him with a knife*
by king jc 1515 December 14, 2007
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to stab somebody for no reason other than to ignite fear throughout the heart of students at friends school of baltimore.
because of the young bucking following Dre being attacked, Friends school of Baltimore had a 10 minute lockdown where we closed the doors and the shades and turned the lights off. there were also 4 horns. A young man named Joe richardson missed the whole thing because he was busy listening to his ipod. the crazy MC however, was social enough to agree with my theory that the first horn was to say that young buck had escaped from the penitentary and was at our school. THE NEXT FOUR HORNS SYMBOLIZED THE FOLLOWING about Buck's arrival-
1. armed with a 9 mill
2. armed with a small asian dagger
3. Accompliced by The Game
4. in a state of "random young black man from the ghetto anger"
by reed January 7, 2005
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