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Youlten is a term used for a sadistic school teacher, who is a complete asshole, who feels powerful by beating his wife and bulling school children. He's the definition of a devil, a complete contrast to his religion 'Christianity', it's ridiculous. A Youlten is a complete cunt, hated by all and frowned upon by many, he looks like one of hitlers favorites, wouldn't surprise me if he was in some sort of cult because he's a devilish cunt that needs to evaporate hella quick the daft cunt. He molests children when he can and should be out of employment, or better yet, extinct.
Student 1: What happened to Okapes?
Student 2: Youlten fired him because he's a cunt.

Student 1: What happened to Njoroge?
Student 2: Youlten got him in the shower
by HennyHenry January 16, 2017
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